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Trans-friendly stories in which somebody's bits end up in somebody else's mouth


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Override // Chapter 4: Lexi (part 2)

Lexi's feet moved with a mind of their own. Not too fast, not too slow, she walked with a confidence totally at odds with her internal state.

Override // Chapter 1: Maya

Sitting down on the bench, Mark looked down from the crowded city square to his phone. The main screen of Override was simple. The avatar his mistress always used was displayed at the top in a big circle, with time controls underneath. There were more settings hidden behind a little cog icon, but they weren't available on his subscription.

Homebodies // Chapter 6: The Movies (part 1)

Luna had got the idea from something they'd seen online. It was kind of insane, if they'd asked me, but they hadn't. In fact, before they even told me the idea they'd stripped me off and gagged me.

Homebodies // Chapter 5: Used

Where the hell were they? They'd led me somewhere, I thought the living room, tied my legs and wrists and then... nothing. I hadn't got a clue how long it had been. I knew I'd cum three times now and my dick was on fire with the overstimulation.

Homebodies // Chapter 2: Morning

I lay in bed, feeling the tiny movements through the mattress and covers that told me Luna was still next to me, breathing gently in their sleep. They'd used me and then dumped me into the bed next to them for some rest. I was so fucking turned on and they knew it. There was no chance I was going to sleep.