The Movies (part 1)

Chapter 6 of Homebodies, a story by Kite Rose

724 words

Luna had got the idea from something they'd seen online. It was kind of insane, if they'd asked me, but they hadn't. In fact, before they even told me the idea they'd stripped me off and gagged me.

The gag was a couple of big, squashy foam balls packed into my mouth and strips of sports tape over my lips. The end result was that I was totally filled and couldn't use my tongue to articulate any sounds other than a moan, but didn't look like I was gagged beyond the skin-coloured tape over my mouth.

Luna pulled my wrists behind me and began to rope them together at my bum. They then set about carefully lashing my elbows as close together as they'd comfortably go, and anchoring them flush to my back with a few turns looped tight around my waist. I grunted as they cinched this loop with the last of the rope and tied it off. My pert breasts stood out proud as my back arched.

With that done, Luna moved in front of me and dropped to their knees. Their mouth found my dick so fast I moaned with surprise and was hard in seconds. They smiled up at me as their warm, wet tongue swirled on its head while their hands began tying a loop of rope around my balls. Round and round it went, stretching them away from my body before Luna let my dick fall from their mouth and used more rope to add my dick into the same little package. They had me trussed up like a piece of meat down there and it just made me harder, straining against the ropes acting to keep me that way.

They led me around the room a little by my new lead, not so gently tugging to yank on my punished cock and balls. My normally fair cheeks burned bright red as my body refused to act like I wasn't getting off on the humiliation play.

"Time to get you dressed, pet," they said as they parked me at the end of our bed and disappeared briefly into the wardrobe. They came back holding sandals, a jacket and one of my dresses, a light green smock sundress that hung just below my knees. My breathing quickened as I noted the absence of any underwear.

After kneeling down once again to slip my sandals on and buckle them, Luna stopped on their way back up to plant a wet kiss on the tip of my now engorged cock. Then they passed the rope hanging between my legs up and over those binding my wrists. As they pulled slowly but insistently, my hands ended up coupled to my straining dick tucked out of the way between my thighs.

"That's probably not that comfortable, I know, but we can't have your raging hard-on sticking out for everyone to see. Maybe just try not finding this as much of a turn on if it bothers you, yeah?" they winked at me as I mewed into the gag.

Finally, the dress went over my head. It was breezy enough that it was able to flow over the top of my bound arms, disguising them well but leaving the short sleeves hanging empty. Luna set to work wrapping the leather jacket around my torso, zipping it up a little and arranging its sleeves into the pockets in a way that looked natural.

They stood back and circled me to examine their handiwork.

"Not bad!" they said happily. "Don't jump about or anything and those sleeves should hold. We just need the finishing touch and we're good to go."

They disappeared through the door briefly and returned with my face mask, slipping it over my ears and carefully adjusting it to hide the smooth tape of my gagged mouth. They fussed over me a little, tidying up my hair and running their hand down my neck.

"You look so pretty. Now, let's get going, or we'll miss the movie."

I nodded.