Chapter 2 of Homebodies, a story by Kite Rose

1270 words

I lay in bed, feeling the tiny movements through the mattress and covers that told me Luna was still next to me, breathing gently in their sleep. They'd used me and then dumped me into the bed next to them for some rest. I was so fucking turned on and they knew it. There was no chance I was going to sleep.

Not that I had many other options available. Once they were finished with my mouth they'd ordered me to stand, stripped my clothes off and led me to the bedroom. Never allowing me to bring my arms in front of my body to stretch my aching shoulders and back, they'd carefully tied my wrists with rope, followed by my elbows. Then they bent me over the mattress and slowly eased out the buttplug that had been stuck inside me for hours, playing with my asshole a little as I moaned into the sheets.

They'd even tied my knees together, leaving my feet kicking pointlessly.

"I'm not going to gag you again: I think you need the break. But I'd better not hear a peep out of you while I'm trying to sleep. If you're good, you get to cum in the morning, before I untie you. Understand?"

"Yes, mixtress."

"Good girl," they'd turned over to flick the bedside lamp off and settled in with their ass teasingly close to my dick, still wrapped in the snug cock ring and raging hard. Before long I'd heard the sound of their breathing settle as they fell asleep.

For what felt like hours I tried and failed to sleep. My upper arms were screaming by this point, and I was only barely managing to calm my mind and body enough to not be achingly hard the whole time. Trying not to wake Luna, I slowly turned myself back and forth, looking for a comfortable position that I knew didn't exist. My mind wandered back a few days, when I'd nervously asked them for the thing I'd fantasised about for months. Had they been excited, or just curious? I hoped they weren't just humouring me.

Was I smelling coffee? I sniffed, my head pointing around as if I could see.

"Morning, sleepy!" I heard Luna's bright voice from in front of me somewhere, "You were snoring like a train when I woke up, but I don't think that counts toward our agreement: you did very well last night. I hope you don't mind, I thought I'd let you sleep. I have coffee, you want some?"

"H-," I paused, licking my dry lips and swallowing the sleepy croak in my throat away, "hey, honey." I smiled. I must have dropped off after all. "Coffee sounds amazing."

"Glad to hear it. But first I have a promise to keep." I felt their hands on my knees as they yanked me straight, flopping me onto my back, my arms pinned underneath my body. The next thing I knew, vibrations jumped to life in my cock and balls as they flicked the switch on my ring once again.

"Oh, fuck!" I laughed, and I heard them chuckle too.

"I'll just wait for you to get nice and hard, shall I?" they said as they moved around the bedroom. I heard them rummaging for a hairband, generally getting themselves ready. The ring did its job, getting me almost painfully hard, twitching for any touch. I was expecting their hand, so when I felt the hot wetness of their mouth sink down onto me it was almost too much to take. They grabbed my balls in one hand as they licked and sucked.

"Fuck, Luna, I- ow!" as I began to speak, their mouth had disappeared from my dick and they'd slapped me hard on the balls.

"Quiet, pet, or I don't finish. And I mean quiet, you hear me?" I paused, before shutting my mouth and nodding frantically. Their warm mouth wrapped around me again and it was all I could do not to moan. Instead I began to thrust up into them. They didn't stop me: in fact, their hands took hold of my ass and braced for me.

I had no restraint whatsoever by that point. Within moments, I was desperately fucking their mouth, closer and closer to orgasm. They drew their face in closer to me, taking me just into their throat, and I lost it. I shuddered for minutes as they happily took my cum and then gently licked at me, moving to play tenderly with my tummy and breasts.

"You can speak again, my love," they said warmly.

I didn't. I just laughed and let out a long groan of satisfaction.

"I'm going to take your blindfold off now, okay? Watch out, it's light in here now." I closed my eyes and winced as I cracked them open. The morning sunlight behind our curtains was filling the room with a soft glow and I hadn't been allowed to use my eyes since the previous evening.

Luna rolled me onto my side and began to untie my arms. "How are you feeling?'

I thought for a while. "Amazing, honestly. Tired. But, wow... You were great, you know? The things you said..."

They laughed softly. "There you go. Stretch out, love: I'll do your legs," they moved down the bed and began working as I eased my arms around to the front of my body. I winced, trying some stretches to open my shoulders up again, and Luna moved to my side. "Sit up," they said, and snuggled in behind me with their legs around me once I did. They began to massage my back and shoulders. "I think we could do more of that, if you want? I really got off on being in charge. Did I go too far? Are you sure you're okay? You were tied up all night, I have no idea what that must feel like!"

"It was a lot for the first time, but I wanted it. I would've told you if it was too much," I said, reaching for the black coffee on the bedside table and taking a sip. This was bliss. "Honestly, I sort of loved feeling... kept?"

Luna's hands had stopped massaging to slide down my belly and tease the cock ring off me. I felt myself getting hard again instantly. They held my dick gently in one hand as it grew, "I could tell, love. Maybe we need a reminder that you're mine? To have with you today."

"That sounds nice," I squirmed, wrapped in my beautiful partner, "what did you have in mind?"

They wiggled my buttplug in front of me. "Just a little accessory, while we work out something better. Freshen up, go to the loo. I want to see this in you when you come back."