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Trans-friendly, exciting erotica by and for LGBTQ+ people

Here, you'll find smutty stories that heavily feature transgender characters, in a way that doesn't fetishise or objectify, usually with at least a bit (and often a lot) of kink.


This is where all of Kite's ongoing or completed stories can be found.

If you're trans and you want to read porn featuring trans bodies, these are for you.

If you're not trans but you love a sexy story and couldn't care less whether it features trans bodies, these are for you!

If you're not trans but you just really get off on trans bodies, eh... maybe not.

Homebodies (ongoing)

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Cass (she / her) and Luna (they / them) live and love together.

They don't get out a lot, but some tentative experimentation leads them into an adventurous sex life at home.

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Override (ongoing)

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In the near future, everybody runs their life via their implants: they think clearly, they move gracefully, they control anything they want to in body and mind.

There are those who like to hand over control. Escape responsibility and submit to another. And, of course, there are those who are only too happy to provide the service.

Override follows the clients of a mistress who takes total control of her subjects, providing them with experiences only she can dream of.

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About Kite

Kite Rose (they / them) is a proudly nonbinary and trans writer in Scotland, UK.