Lexi (part 2)

Chapter 4 of Override, a story by Kite Rose

1545 words

Lexi's feet moved with a mind of their own. Not too fast, not too slow, she walked with a confidence totally at odds with her internal state.

Her cheeks were a fierce red after she'd taken a glance down at her chest and been reminded of just how prominently her nipples stood out through the dress. Besides that, the clamps already hurt like a bitch. She'd considered covering herself before realising a girl walking along holding her own boobs was probably even more attention-grabbing.

She rounded the bottom of a flight of ornate steps that would take her up to the decorative public clock at the northern edge of the large square. As she climbed, she tried not to think about the tourists further back. Once she was even halfway up, the short skirt of her dress would do nothing to block her bare ass and clamped pussy from their view: she'd be relying on the density of the crowds. Despite her desperation to get to the top of the steps and free of any watching eyes, Lexi's body couldn't be made to hurry. It climbed as if she didn't have a care in the world.

Continuing on her "track", the route back down from the raised area housing the clock was a long, curved ramp. As Lexi quietly walked the stretch of pavement between steps and ramp, though, her body was slammed with a sudden orgasm. It built from zero to quivering mess in the space of a couple of seconds and Lexi was only just able to contain herself to a high whimper as it continued to hit. Her body continued to walk and she could do nothing but ride the waves, her hands clenching furiously at nothing, teeth digging into her lower lip in an attempt to endure until the override programming silenced her again.

The pleasure passed after half a minute or so, by which time Lexi was on her way back down into the main square. She was only just recovering her breath when it hit again. It must have been fifteen minutes since she started her journey: the café where she'd met Violet was almost a whole tour of the square from the clock, so she was coming up to passing it again. This time she couldn't stop herself letting out an easily audible moan. She hoped it had been drowned out for all but the closest members of the crowd. This one lasted just a little bit longer, too.

As suddenly as it had hit, her second orgasm dissolved and Lexi felt that she could safely stop thinking about not making a sound. Onward she walked. At some point during that most recent wave she'd passed by Violet's viewpoint up in the coffee shop's viewing gallery, but she found herself incapable of looking toward that spot to check whether she was being watched. Her head and eyes just... refused.

For another ten minutes or so Lexi's journey went peacefully, her mind back to being occupied with who was watching which bits of her. She absolutely loved being this exposed: she was wet without the help of the override. She wasn't too far from the foot of the clock stairs again, and was beginning to wonder what other "conditions" Violet had programmed into her session. She hadn't cum again since passing the clock and her first fifteen minute mark.

There was a bench just before the foot of the steps. On it sat a person who looked to be in their thirties. A man, she guessed. She'd passed right by it the first time round, but this time Lexi's feet took her to it and she found herself sitting down at the opposite end to the other occupant.

Lexi's head turned to stare right at them. They were engrossed in a book, but eventually they seemed notice the beautiful girl whose eyes were burning into the side of their head. They shot her an awkward smile, but it faltered when she made absolutely no reply. Internally she was dying of embarrassment but she had no option but to sit there, silently staring this poor person down for some reason unknown to her. They gave her a furtive look up and down before deciding to stand and leave.

Almost as soon as they left, so did Lexi. She stood and resumed her tour of the square, beginning the steps again. The orgasm that landed as she passed the clock pounded through her and left her squeaking into her own hand even as she soldiered on down the ramp. She was heaving deep breaths by the time it subsided. Checking the clock as she had after her second timed orgasm, she reckoned she had about five more minutes before the next hit.

Absentmindedly, her right hand reached up to scratch her ear. That complete, she was unable to bring it back down. Instead, her fingers traced the line of her jaw until one found her lips. Before she knew it, two of her fingertips were resting between her teeth, feeling her hot tongue. Panting, she pushed those two fingers deep into her mouth, sucking on them before dragging them out and smearing her spit and lipstick onto her chin. What the fuck? Now three fingers were in her mouth, pushing into her throat and making her gag until her eyes watered and she coughed on her own hand. As if nothing had happened beyond an innocent ear scratch, her hand fell back to her side, leaving her face shining and her makeup smeared. She was barely even surprised to find that she couldn't bring herself even to wipe her chin, let alone try and fix up the mascara that was presumably running onto her cheek. Onward she walked.

The half-hour orgasm hit and this time she couldn't even bring herself not to growl out a low moan into the busy crowd surrounding her. By this point she didn't have to wonder whether she was being looked at anymore: there were plenty of double-takes to check out the barely-dressed girl whose face looked like she'd come straight from a messy blowjob.

Another tourist was sitting on the bench this time round: this time she guessed it was a woman. Whatever they were, they were exactly Lexi's type: tall, strong-looking, a bit chubby. As before, her body sat down on the bench on auto-pilot and she turned to stare at the poor soul.

Unlike before, the person immediately returned the stare. They met Lexi's eyes and said one word.


Oh. Shit, thought Lexi. Christine was the name she was always given by Mistress Violet when she exposed Lexi to the wider public, in order to protect her identity. She knew roughly what it must mean that this person knew the name. The name that they presumably found on an online ad for Lexi's services. Her mind raced: she was undeniably excited by the thought of getting to do anything with this goddess.

Goddess? Yes, that was what she wanted to be called. She? Yes, also correct. Lexi found she knew a lot about the woman now: which parts of Lexi's body she wanted most, how she liked to be pleasured, what to call her.

She looked up at her Goddess from her place on her knees. When did she get here? She felt cold. Was she naked? She couldn't even look to check: her entire mind was occupied with the hot pussy right in front of her face, the woman's big strong hands wrapped tight in her hair and pulling her back in, smothering her.

Lexi was ecstatic. The second her tongue made contact with her Goddess she was lost in the most powerful orgasm yet. She screamed it out even as she struggled for air. Her hands held each other, behind her back, not to be moved. She struggled and moaned and licked and licked until her Goddess clenched everything, pulling her in so tight it hurt and moaning through a shuddering orgasm of her own. She held Lexi's head in place for so long after that she began to weaken. Finally she was released and she gasped down air, her minutes-long wave of overwhelming pleasure finally falling away.

She panted, a smile beaming on her face as she stared lovingly up at her Goddess. The woman buttoned up her jeans, squatted down to Lexi's level and smiled a warm smile.

"Thank you, Christine," she murmered, and suddenly Lexi found herself taking the first step up toward the clock tower. Where had she been? She could smell the woman on her face, still.

Lost in her thoughts, Lexi didn't even notice she was passing by the clock until it hit her.