Chapter 5 of Homebodies, a story by Kite Rose

834 words

Where the hell were they? They'd led me somewhere, I thought the living room, tied my legs and wrists and then... nothing. I hadn't got a clue how long it had been. I knew I'd cum three times now and my dick was on fire with the overstimulation.

Were they just here watching me, not turning off this fucking vibrator? I couldn't take much more of this. I was shaking, my whole body zeroed in on the sensations bringing me slamming toward another totally spent orgasm. I must have been whimpering near-constantly, though it was surprisingly hard to tell when you couldn't even hear your own voice over the music.

It was too much, I thought, I couldn't take another one. My breathing was deep and fast through my nose, my chest heaving, I didn't dare think about my balance because I thought I'd just fall flat on my face, and then... it stopped. It all stopped.

I felt Luna's hands on me, easing the sleeve from my balls and sliding it off the exposed nerve that was that part of my body. So they were there after all. Then they were untying my ankles, and before I knew it their hands were on my shoulders, pushing me down to the floor. I carefully sank to my knees.

Next, I was urged forward by the straps of my gag: they must have been pulling on the dildo I'd worked out they'd attached to it ages ago. Eventually I felt the sofa meet my tummy and I began to bend forward over it. Their legs brushed my shoulders as I was guided in between them and before long, I smelled where I was just as certainly as if I'd had my eyes. It wasn't like I was new down here.

One of Luna's hands moved to the back of my head, grasping a fistful of straps and hair and beginning to pull me into them. A little bit, then back, then an inch further. Finally, the other hand joined the first and they swallowed me in. My nose met my lover's body as they took the entire length of the dick I was wearing. My face was smothered, my breathing completely cut off and replaced by the wet heat of their pussy.

They held me there for a while, grinding against the cock, before pulling me away a little and beginning to fuck themselves with my head. I wanted nothing more than to use my mouth, my real mouth, on them but they just kept fucking me. Their pace quickened, their hips meeting my face each time they rammed me into themselves. I could do nothing but relax and let them move me.

Eventually, the rythym shifted. Long, deliberate strokes, keeping the pace, then smothering me once again as they finished, their legs wrapping tight around my body. I could feel the shakes running through them for so long I started to panic for air. All too calmly they eased themselves from around me and pulled me away, allowing me to gasp down limited breaths through my nostrils.

I knelt back, eventually regaining some composure as I was once again left without any input for a few minutes. Then, their hands fiddling behind my head, I felt the gag straps loosening. Finally they were eased from my face and the dildo in my mouth began to slide out. Before I could even think about forming a word, Luna's finger appeared on my lips. Shushing me, as best they could without me able to see or hear them. I got the message. I nodded a little to show them.

Then my head was being pulled forward again, on and on until my lips met Luna. They tasted sublime as I gently, almost lazily licked at them. Hands ran over my hair and shoulders in appreciation. I tentatively moved up to their clit, wondering if they'd had long enough since they came. Their hands told me that, yes, they had: this time I was more than happy to be drowning in their body and smell and taste as I did what I knew best. Before long they were rocking against my face as I brought them closer and closer to an orgasm that felt like it hit every muscle in their body.

When I was finally released again, it was to lay my head on their tummy, now laying on the sofa. They switched off the music, but I still couldn't hear anything in the room. They might have been sleeping, if they weren't gently tickling my cheek and neck with their fingers.

I knelt there for some time, feeling the waves of Luna's quiet breathing, lost in my love for them.