A story by Kite Rose

In the near future, everybody runs their life via their implants: they think clearly, they move gracefully, they control anything they want to in body and mind.

There are those who like to hand over control. Escape responsibility and submit to another. And, of course, there are those who are only too happy to provide the service.

Override follows the clients of a mistress who takes total control of her subjects, providing them with experiences only she can dream of.

Override is 5337 words over 4 chapters, and is an ongoing story (that means it's still being added to).


Chapter 4: Lexi (part 2)

Lexi's feet moved with a mind of their own. Not too fast, not too slow, she walked with a confidence totally at odds with her internal state.

Chapter 3: Lexi (part 1)

Violet curled her legs up onto the big armchair and sipped from the big mug she held in both hands. She had a window seat in one of the chain coffee shops overlooking the city's busiest tourist square. Hundreds of people, mostly visitors, milled around in the summer heat below her: taking pictures, buying street food and planning the rest of their day.

Chapter 1: Maya

Sitting down on the bench, Mark looked down from the crowded city square to his phone. The main screen of Override was simple. The avatar his mistress always used was displayed at the top in a big circle, with time controls underneath. There were more settings hidden behind a little cog icon, but they weren't available on his subscription.