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Trans-friendly stories in which somebody exposes themselves / is exposed in a public setting


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Override // Chapter 4: Lexi (part 2)

Lexi's feet moved with a mind of their own. Not too fast, not too slow, she walked with a confidence totally at odds with her internal state.

Override // Chapter 3: Lexi (part 1)

Violet curled her legs up onto the big armchair and sipped from the big mug she held in both hands. She had a window seat in one of the chain coffee shops overlooking the city's busiest tourist square. Hundreds of people, mostly visitors, milled around in the summer heat below her: taking pictures, buying street food and planning the rest of their day.

Homebodies // Chapter 7: The Movies (part 2)

My heart pounded. I stood behind Luna as they bought us our tickets and snacks, taking what felt like forever to browse the options. I kept telling myself what I must look like to everybody else: just a girl in a dress, hands in pockets, wearing her mask. The problem was that it was so hard to reconcile with how my body felt: arms and shoulders aching from my elbows being bound tightly to my back, mouth stuffed to bursting with a gag, and my cock strapped up and yanked back between my legs.

Homebodies // Chapter 6: The Movies (part 1)

Luna had got the idea from something they'd seen online. It was kind of insane, if they'd asked me, but they hadn't. In fact, before they even told me the idea they'd stripped me off and gagged me.