The Movies (part 2)

Chapter 7 of Homebodies, a story by Kite Rose

1243 words

My heart pounded. I stood behind Luna as they bought us our tickets and snacks, taking what felt like forever to browse the options. I kept telling myself what I must look like to everybody else: just a girl in a dress, hands in pockets, wearing her mask. The problem was that it was so hard to reconcile with how my body felt: arms and shoulders aching from my elbows being bound tightly to my back, mouth stuffed to bursting with a gag, and my cock strapped up and yanked back between my legs.

"Anything extra for you, miss?" the teenager at the counter shocked me out of my introspection, eye contact burning into me.

Shit. I froze. Any sound I tried to make would be so unmistakably a gagged "mmph!" that I'd blow my cover. Before enough time passed that I'd look like a total weirdo, I threw him the best smile I could with my eyes and shook my head a little.

It worked: he went back to sorting out payment with Luna. They thanked the boy and turned to lead me off to our screen. I walked stiffly thanks to my bondage, but nobody seemed any the wiser as we passed the ticket check and made our way into the dark theatre to find our seats.

It didn't surprise me at all to find that Luna had booked us in right on the back row. They settled quickly into their seat, leaving me to awkwardly guide myself down onto mine, trying not to land on my own straining hard dick. The only way it was possible for me to finally get sat down was for my hands to end up wedged tight to my bum, the rope leading between my legs taut as the little package that was my cock and balls was pulled flat to the seat. Thankfully, I'd managed to do this in a way that kept the dress over everything by sort of shimmying backward onto the seat from the front.

Luna chuckled as I went through this ordeal, absolutely aware that the torture of my genitals was now significantly less comfortable than even before. They leant their head on my shoulder and scrolled their phone while we waited for the movie to start. The theatre was only moderately busy: by the time the ads were finishing up the place was only about a quarter full, thankfully coming no nearer to us than a couple of rows from the back.

The screen widened, and the lights dimmed down to darkness. Luna moved fast. I felt the hem of my dress being dragged up and by the time I looked down they'd hiked the skirt up to my waist. My bare legs, my cock, sat there exposed as I looked wildly into Luna's eyes. They returned a hard but loving stare before moving to my ear to whisper.

"Don't panic, Cass. You have a choice. Shake your head and I pull your dress back down, we watch the movie, and we head home afterward. Maybe we'll fuck when we get back. Nod your head twice, though, and you get to find out my plans for that exhibitionist side of yours."

They rubbed their hand over my thighs and lower belly gently as they spoke, comforting me. "You're in my hands, love: this should be a pretty safe place to play. If you want out any time you can always shake your head."

I tried to steady myself as I thought. Oh god, I was so hard, cock straining against this fucking rope they'd tied all around it. I could feel my face burning in the darkness and beneath the mask. A couple of huffed nose-breaths later, I shakily nodded my head.

Luna moved in front of me to take in my eyes. "You sure?" they asked, and I nodded again. More energetically this time. They laughed quietly.


This time they were slower. They didn't want to surprise me, they wanted to torture me with the knowledge of what was about to come. They unzipped my jacket and moved it mostly out of the way, loose around my shoulders. Their petite hand grabbed at the front of my dress and pulled. They didn't stop pulling until my breasts bounced free of the fabric and it could nestle under them, leaving me totally exposed in the darkness.

I breathed raggedly and heavily as my tits heaved in the cool air of the theatre. I couldn't believe I was almost entirely naked in here. My nervous energy translated into squirms and wriggles in my seat before Luna's warm hand reappeared on my chest, implacable and calming. They returned to lay their head on my shoulder and pretended to watch more of the movie.

A couple, maybe ten minutes went by like this. At some point, Luna began casually playing with my nipples, squeezing and tugging with their fingers. I was a shivering mess.

Keeping my eyes fixed forward on the screen as if hyper-focussing on it would make sure everyone else in the theatre did too, I only noticed the clamp when Luna touched the cold metal to my right nipple. I squeaked a little, jumping in my seat and yanking painfully on my dick.

"Shush, Cass. We don't want to draw attention. These are going on, and they're staying on until we get home," Luna murmured into my ear. The new accessory was a little screw clamp: two bars tightened on either side with tiny threaded bars. Luna turned and turned, painstakingly slowly, until my tortured nipple was on fire. Then they did the same on my other breast. My nipples were screaming in the cool air, clamps mixing with the tightening skin of goosebumps.

"Are you getting cold, honey?"

I nodded yes, shivering, though that shaking was probably only half thanks to the cold.

"No worries, I'm done here anyway," they said, roughly tugging my skirt back under my bum and then thighs, covering me up. They gently hitched the dress front back up over my clamped breasts, too, which only made them burn more. They left the jacket open: if there'd been more light, the outline of the little square devices biting into my nipples would have been easily visible.

Finally, they draped their own discarded jacket over my lap like a blanket and wrapped their arms around me, snuggling into my shoulder to watch the rest of the movie. They occasionally grazed their fingers over the dress covering my breasts to reignite the pain from the clamps. Once, their hand migrated smoothly up to tangle itself into my hair and pull gently back. They had me quivering like jelly in my seat, quietly but totally lost in a space of my own even as the movie finished up, as they guided me out into a taxi and as they stripped me off and lay me in our bed without removing a single one of my bonds.