Lexi (part 1)

Chapter 3 of Override, a story by Kite Rose

1432 words

Violet curled her legs up onto the big armchair and sipped from the big mug she held in both hands. She had a window seat in one of the chain coffee shops overlooking the city's busiest tourist square. Hundreds of people, mostly visitors, milled around in the summer heat below her: taking pictures, buying street food and planning the rest of their day.

She wasn't interested in the tourists, though. Violet was carefully watching over the client of hers who was making her own way through the crowds. Only if you were paying a lot of attention would you notice that she wasn't actually going anywhere: in fact, she'd been walking pretty much the same circuitous route around the square for the half hour since her override had started.

Her name was Lexi, and unlike many of Violet's clients she had entered into her current predicament fully aware and with every intention of holding onto her memories. She knew that she was being overridden, she knew what was in store and she had no way of stopping her body from acting out the session she'd so excitedly brought to her mistress the previous week.

Lexi wore very little in the way of clothes. A light, sleeveless shift dress in dusty pink was all that covered her, with a skirt landing partway down her thigh. Underwear was forbidden today. A pair of strappy sandles crossed her feet. She was an exhibitionist through and through, and was only too happy to pay for the privilege of Violet shutting down her gut reaction to run and hide.

The weather was still, but even when the odd breeze lifted her skirt a little she was incapable of holding it down: her hands were forbidden from moving below the line of her waist. Instinctively, she'd tried a few times but it was as if an invisible table blocked them. Instead, she held them clasped together in front as she meandered through the busy square.

Violet decided it was time to bring her in and let the real fun begin. She tapped at her laptop and Lexi responded immediately, straightening up and turning to walk directly toward the coffee shop. Violet smirked as she typed some more commands and Lexi ran her hands from her waist, up over her breasts and round to settle at the back of her neck. She toyed with her long red hair as if she were tying it up in a ponytail, but never quite got to the point of lowering her hands. Her skirt was pulled that little bit higher as she walked, her cheeks burning pink. Another tap on the keyboard and she was freed from the pose, allowed to let her hands fall again.

As Lexi approached the bottom of the building, Violet grabbed a bag and rose from her seat to head toward the bathrooms. Once there, she approached the furthest cubicle and pushed it open to find Lexi standing, totally naked, with her back to the door. Her dress sat folded on top of her shoes on the toilet lid.

"Hi, little pet," she purred. "I hope you've been having fun?" Lexi nodded, but didn't speak. She couldn't.

Violet began to run her hands over Lexi's body from behind, starting at her hips and playing over her slim belly. The woman practically convulsed with pleasure at the touch: it was standard operating procedure for Violet that her clients would respond to her in this way. Still no sound escaped her lips, even as her legs shook and her back arched.

"Turn around, face me," Violet ordered. Lexi did so. From her bag, Violet produced a pair of nipple clamps: ornate little metal near-circles that hinged open and then clasped shut, forcing Lexi's nipples to stand proudly out from her small breasts.

Next, Violet sank to her knees. She couldn't resist a playful little tap of her fingers on Lexi's pussy, watching her beautiful client squirm and shake at her touch. Rummaging again in her bag, she found Lexi's next accessory and began to attach it. A delicate but vicious little clamp sank into each of her labia, connected by a light chain. From that chain hung a small but deceptively heavy bell. It pulled down at Lexi's skin just enough for the effect to be visible. Even as she shook with pleasure at her mistress's touch, the bell began tinkling away sweetly.

Rising to her feet again, Violet took in the additions. "You look very pretty, you know."

"I've made a little config for the rest of your override that sums up all the stuff you wanted, plus a little bit extra for my amusement. You still have a couple of hours on the clock so you'll have a long time to enjoy yourself.

"As we discussed, you're going to cum a lot once you head back out there. The full list of conditions is a secret but you know a few of them: every fifteen minutes exactly, each time you pass the clock at the northern edge of the square. Each orgasm will be slightly more powerful than the last, and you'll keep walking as they hit.

"I've put the advert live online, too, so the paying fans out there know where and how to come and take advantage of you, okay? I know you don't know how they'll do it, but I'm sure you'll find out sooner rather than later!

"As I say: beyond those conditions, the rest is a secret. You don't get to control everything, after all. Rest assured you're safe, I'm monitoring you, and I can't make you do anything you wouldn't do. Kiss me if you're happy with everything and I'll flash the new rules onto you."

Lexi practically leapt at Violet, throwing her arms around her and plunging into a passionate kiss. Even as she held the girl's ass with one hand, Violet took our her phone and tapped a control on screen. Lexi momentarily froze before her entire body was taken over by powerful shakes and she leant even more on her mistress. A low, animal moan came from her throat as her nervous system lit up with the first of her quarter-hourly orgasms. A look of some surprise came over her eyes as she pulled back a little to look into Violet's.

"Oh, yeah. There's one of the secrets I built in: you can make noise now, but only when you're cumming. I thought it'd be fun to watch you try to keep it to yourself. Sorry, I thought of it and couldn't help putting it in there," she grinned.

Lexi's eyes went wide with something a bit like terror and her cheeks once again flushed that beautifully noticeable shade of pink.

"Anyway, dress and shoes on, there's a good girl," Violet chirped. Lexi obeyed and she took a moment to smirk at the painfully obvious way her client's clamped nipples now stood out against the light fabric.

"I bet you'll get a few more looks with those, pet," she said, moving in close to Lexi's body again. She reached down under the dress and tugged at the bell chain clamped underneath with a finger, "and I wonder if anyone will notice this little bit of jewellery when a particulary nasty gust of wind hits..."

With that, Violet shouldered her bag, opened the door and breezed out of the cubicle. She headed back upstairs to get back to her overwatch of the square and left Lexi to make her own way out of the shop's main bar area, glad of enough background noise that the lightly jingling bell was inaudible. Her heart hammered as she stepped back into the heat of the square feeling totally exposed. Her body ignored every urge not to walk straight into the crowds and begin pretending like she was going somewhere. What else had Mistress Violet programmed into this session?