Chapter 2 of Override, a story by Kite Rose

1336 words

"Sit, pet."

Ruby dropped to their knees, tucking their feet under their bum and placing their hands together on the ground. As they completed the pose, opening their mouth and flopping their tongue out, they experienced a little wave of euphoria. They wiggled with happiness.

Curled up in a plush chair next to Ruby's naked figure was Violet, their mistress and the woman who wielded almost total control over them. She practically leaked confidence, here in this fancy setting dressed in a cosy oversized hoodie, jeans and white trainers.

They were waiting in the lobby of a private club for a friend of Violet's to join them for drinks. While she scrolled on her phone, one hand lazily traced fingers over the tattoo sitting on the nape of Ruby's neck. They had no others, but this one had been a pre-condition for access to the premium tiers of Violet's services: a big, decadent rose with sumptuous petals. The mistress's mark of ownership.

Somewhere in their mind sat a version of Ruby that had been backed up at the start of their time with Violet. It didn't exist in isolation: in a sense it held veto power over anything their mistress might command of them, acting as a granter of consent on behalf of their current self. The self who was currently lost in an implant-induced blissful subservience. They knew their boundaries, and neither their body or their mind could be forced to do anything outwith them.

"Pet, look."

Ruby followed their mistress's eyes to the main doors of the building, where a smartly dressed man was entering the club. He only wore a simple white shirt with brown trousers and shoes, but it was all perfectly fit to his imposing body. He didn't have to scan the place long to find Violet and her pet, a beautiful smile spreading wide over his face as he did so.

Ruby thought he was the most stunning person they'd ever laid eyes on. As his long strides moved him closer, they felt totally lost in him. Their body felt like it was melting into jelly. They began to pant. Their dick quickly became fiercely hard and they felt a powerful urge, almost a physical buzzing deep in their belly, to touch him. Fuck him. Anything.

Violet chuckled softly, "Easy now, pet. Stay where you are." She stood to greet the man, taking to her tiptoes to plant a small kiss on his cheek. They exchanged some kind of greetings and pleasantries, but Ruby wasn't listening. They were aching for this person. They needed him. They'd have been practically attacking him by now if they didn't feel glued to the ground by their mistress's command.

"Up, pet, and follow us," their mistress said gently. As always her orders cut straight through and compelled Ruby into action. They stood and obediently walked behind the two as they moved to a private room and took the only seats at an antique table. Ruby paused behind Violet's chair.

"Ruby, my pet, I want you to meet Alex. He's a friend of mine. A long time ago I gave him an implant broadcast code that I've configured you to... respond to. We can tell it's working," she laughed, and Alex flashed a kind grin at Ruby, "but the effects will only get stronger the closer you are to him. Why don't you tell us what you want right now? Be honest."

Ruby didn't hesitate. "Mistress, I want Alex to fill me with his big cock. I want to touch every inch of him, I want him to use me, I never want to be away from him. I need him in me and on me. I can't take being away fro-"

"That's enough, pet," and Ruby fell silent instantly.

"Fortunately for you, Alex is only too happy to fill you." Even as she spoke, Alex was unzipping his trousers and pulling out his cock. He was hard already. "Take this," she extended a bottle of lube to Ruby as she spoke, "and give our friend somewhere nice and warm to keep that big dick of his while he enjoys his meal. We don't want to hear another peep from you."

Ruby took the slim bottle from their mistress's hand and began to walk around the table to Alex's seat. With every step their heart raced faster, their world became more focussed on him and him alone. By the time they knelt between his legs and began to squeeze the lube onto their hands they were throbbing hard and flushed, practically dripping precum. When Ruby's eager hand finally made contact with Alex's hard dick it was like an explosion of joy and love and lust. They never wanted to not be touching him again.

They stood, hand still wrapped around Alex. Turning, they lowered themselves into his lap, guiding the head of his big cock towards their tight asshole. The jolt of pure pleasure that ran through Ruby's body when he made contact caused them to jump momentarily, pausing before getting back to easing their weight down. When his head finally slipped inside them, they almost blacked out with the ecstasy.

Slowly, surely, Ruby worked their way down Alex until they were impaled on his dick and sat snugly in his lap. If it weren't for Violet's commands they would have been screaming with the pleasure it gave them to be so used.

Their mistress spoke again. "Some rules, Ruby: you are not to touch yourself, and you are not to interfere further with Alex's date. Sit back into him and wrap your arms around his neck like the good accessory you are. You are also not to cum, no matter how he decides to treat you."

That last command was redundant, since it was a standing rule of Ruby's entire two week-long stay with Violet. After ten days of mistreatment they were ready to explode, but they'd be physiologically unable to make it over the edge unless permitted.

Violet and Alex's cocktails were served while Ruby passed the time in a haze of blissful arousal. They kept still so as not to distract the perfect man that was filling them, but occasionally Alex felt like taking their ass in his hands and giving them a few strong thrusts for his own pleasure. Every shift of his body sent fireworks through Ruby's lust-filled brain as they felt him move inside them.

As the pair relaxed into their drinks and conversation, Alex began to idly play with Ruby's body. At first, he ran his hands over their slim hips, pulling them close as he pushed himself deep inside them. After a time he slid down their hairless belly and began to stroke their desperate cock. He even took their balls in one hand and began to tug and squeeze them, his cocktail temporarily forgotten. Ruby was absolutely checked out, riding the waves of pleasure as Alex ground himself into their asshole while doing everything he could to make them blow their denied load.

"You know Ruby, it's really a shame you can't cum," their mistress smirked at the writhing naked mess that was her client, "since you know the last thing we'll be doing before your override runs out in a few days is to lock that dick of yours back up."