What Luna Saw

Chapter 4 of Homebodies, a story by Kite Rose

1020 words

Shit, she was beautiful. There was something almost laughable to me in seeing Cass's head all wrapped up in black plastic tape, a massive black dick hanging out from where her mouth normally was. Objectively, it looked silly. But seeing what it was doing to her made me melt. Her soft body was visibly shaking with the effect of having her senses taken away. That usually strong person, much bigger than myself, reduced to an aroused, edgy mess with a few earphones and some leather straps.

Her dick was twitching, oozing precum and as hard as it really got. There was still plenty there, and from what she told me it was like some sort of oversized clit compared to the penis she'd had years ago. I wanted to touch it so badly, to see what she'd do, but I'd decided to leave her in her little world for a bit longer. I went to get some more toys instead.

Rummaging in the drawer in our bedroom, I could hear Cass making little noises to herself in the kitchen. She had no idea I wasn't standing right over her, I supposed. I found what I needed and went back to her.

Taking one more look at her waiting body, I got started. I swung my foot in and under her, right between the legs, connecting just hard enough to make her squeal and jump a mile. After the shock passed, I heard her laughing at the thrill, grunting and taking some long breaths through her nose to calm herself.

I needed her standing, so I gently touched my hand to her chin, allowing the inevitable jump to happen before encouraging her up to her feet. I went behind her and gently pushed on her ass, urging her forward. She took some hilariously cautious steps across the room before her thighs met the kitchen table and she flinched. Next, I pressed on her upper back, sending her tentatively down until she was pressed into the hard surface, bent at the hips. This must have been when she noticed she had a dick sticking out of her face, since she struggled to work out where to place her head for a second. I nudged her feet with my own until she got the hint and wiggled them further apart.

Time to get her cumming. I lubed up my hand and began running it over Cass's bits indiscriminately. She moaned deep into the dick she had in her mouth and immediately began bucking her hips. I wasn't here to help her with my hand, though. Once she was slippery, I also lubed up the inside of a toy I knew drove her mad: a silicone cock sleeve we'd used a couple of times before.

Sinking to my knees, I eased the sleeve over Cass's clit, stretching the little hole on the underside over her soft balls to keep it in place. She didn't fill the sleeve, but that wasn't the point. The point was the little bullet sat at its base that sent vibrations through every bit of the silicone.

She knew what I was doing by this point: her shoulders were chuckling and she was playfully waving her hands at me as if to say no. I flicked the bullet on all the same. She shrieked as it came to life on its basic setting. I hit the little button a few more times to get the pattern I wanted. My goal wasn't to tease her, I wanted her orgasming. Fast pulses, DUN dun dun, DUN dun dun, DUN dun dun ran through my partner's eager dick and before long she was humping uselessly into nothing.

I sat on the floor and watched her as her thighs began to tense, her body stilled and yet looked more dynamic than ever, every muscle increasing in tension. Her noises became laboured as she focussed on the toy bringing her to the edge until finally she was pushed over. Her ass was tight as I watched her cum, her bits twitching as she moaned out one exceptionally long sound and fell even further into the table.

I didn't touch the vibrator. Instead, I covered the buttplug I'd brought in lube and nestled it against Cass's exposed asshole. She jumped again, from her post-cum reverie, at the sudden cold sensation. I began to push, slowly enough to allow her to relax into it but not so slowly as to make her think I was going easy. I gave it the occasional pull back to allow everything to slip nicely, and eventually I watched her take its full width and swallow up the plug's neck. A cute little heart shape sat over her hole as I guided her back into a standing position by her hair.

Leading Cass into our living room, I stood her directly in the middle of the room. I wanted her to have a bit of alone time, so I needed to make a few adjustments. First, I ran a tight rope around her waist, looping the ends down between her legs either side of the still-vibrating sleeve and over the base of her plug, securing it in her. Then I quickly bound her ankles together: there was no chance she'd try moving with no sight, sound or freedom in her legs. Finally I lashed her wrists to the crotch belt's loop in the small of her back, making it impossible for her to reach her toys.

I kissed her tenderly on the neck, moving down to her breasts and licking and biting at her nipples before drawing away completely to the sofa. I had a great view of her and I intended to have my own fun. I yanked my jeans and pants down and settled in to watch my love be tormented in her isolated world.