Drowned Out

Chapter 3 of Homebodies, a story by Kite Rose

1734 words

I looked up at Luna, spoon halfway to my mouth. They'd glanced up too: the morning post had thudded onto the hallway floor. They wiggled their eyebrows playfully as I finished my mouthful of cereal and hopped up from the kitchen table to get the package. I began to tear the top off the fat padded envelope as I walked back in and sat down, Luna's piercing eyes watching with more excitement than their relaxed pose let on.

Fishing inside the envelope, I found a metal buckle and began to lift out the black leather straps of the gag. Luna moved suddenly, standing and walking around the breakfast table to stand over me next to my chair. They weren't tall, but they knew how to make their presence known. They ran their hand through my long red hair and held my head against their chest.

As I tossed the empty package onto the table, they grabbed my wrist like a naughty child and half forced me off my chair by my hair, taking me to my knees at their feet.

"Ow, what the fuck!"

"Oh, sorry, Cass," they mewed insincerely, "here I was thinking you might want to play with your new toy" They pulled my hair downward, bringing my face up to look at them. "Just say the word and we can go back to the day we were going to have. On the other hand, if you want that thing in your mouth, there are some other words to say. Your choice, love."

God, they really got me. They'd had all of one experience domming me and they were already this powerful. I'd melted the second they grabbed my hair, so there wasn't a lot of point pretending I didn't want to play. I whimpered with the intensity of it.

"Well?" they were putting on a stern voice but they were smiling down at me with that big, broad pixie smile of theirs.

"I want- sorry. Please, mixtress, would you gag me and play with me today?" I licked my dry lips as I gazed up their body and into their eyes.

"Oh, fun! Yeah, let's play," they purred as they maneuvered around my kneeling form and into the chair I'd been sat in, twisting me round by the hair and sinking my face into their crotch. Their jeans were rough and hot on my skin as I moaned and breathed them in. Holding me there with one hand, they took the gag from me with the other.

"What shall we do with you..." they held my head down firmly as they thought, squeezing me in their thighs until I was struggling just a little for air. I breathed in long, heady gasps of their smell as they hummed.

"Okay, got it!" they yanked my head back to look down at me with an evil grin, "how would you like to see how much you can cum today? Last time you only managed one, but you were all on your own. Today, I can help out."

"Oh, shit, yes please mixtress!" I nodded as well as I could.

"Lovely. You're gonna have so much fun!" they lightly smacked my cheek as they spoke. "Go get your blindfold and some of that bondage tape from the drawer, get all your clothes off and come back here." They released their grip on my hair and I scampered up and away to our bedroom. We had some plastic bondage tape we'd picked up ages ago but had never touched since.

I whipped my t-shirt up and off, chucking it on the bed, and undid my bra. I gave myself a look in the mirror as I shuffled the jeans and pants I'd been wearing for all of half an hour back down to the floor. My breasts were small, but round, and still growing. Maybe? I wanted a little more, but I'd been on hormones for a while now and I was worried they'd finished. I ruffled my wavy mass of red hair, trying to look sexy, and ran back to Luna with my toys.

They looked me up and down, smiling. "Kneel," they ordered, and I sank to my knees in the middle of the kitchen. I was so hard, and I blushed a little, feeling the exposure as they drank me in.

"Blindfold on, Cass," they said. I obeyed, slipping the large leather pads over my eyes and closing the buckle behind my head.

"Good girl. Now, hand on your dick. You will play with yourself while I get you ready. Don't hold back." I bit my lip and did as they said, moving my hands down between my legs and starting to play with myself.

Nothing happened. For what must have been minutes I knelt there, bringing myself closer and closer to an orgasm as Luna did... something? Nothing? They must have been standing there, watching me panting on the ground like the horny mess I was. It made me so hot to know they were right there.

Eventually I heard the sounds of their movement as they walked out of the room. After a minute, they came back and I heard them move behind me. Their hands appeared in my hair, caressing as they moved it back off my shoulders and began gathering it into a ponytail. I'd always loved having my hair played with, and I moaned my appreciation a little. Being so exposed was getting me seriously turned on, and I was already close to cumming.

The next thing I felt was Luna pushing something small into one ear, and then again into the other. Earbuds? Fuck, were they going to take away my hearing too? My breathing quickened. "Oh, shit! Yes please, yes please, mixtress!"

They laughed, the sound already muffled without anything playing through the buds. "Nod if you can still hear me?" I nodded. "Good. It sounds like you've already guessed what's coming, so yes: I'm taking your hearing like that blindfold has taken your sight. Soon that gag will take your speech. You'll be in your own little world for as long as I want. Does that sound fun?"

"God, yes, mixtress, that sounds amazing. And a bit scary, if I'm honest..."

"I get it. I was thinking about how we can be safe. If you want out at any time, I want you to shake your head and go 'uh uh, uh uh, uh uh'. Like a kid saying no, okay? Try it for me." I did. "You'll be able to do that just fine, even gagged, so don't hesitate. I'll ungag you and we can talk about what you need.

"Now, I need to tell you my rule before you can't hear me anymore. You are not to hold back from cumming, and I mean that from this moment onward. I don't care what's happening: you hit that point, you push through it, okay? You seem insatiable lately and I want to know where the limit is."

"Yes, mixtress," I panted.

"Are you close now?"

"Yes, mixtress."

"Show me," they ordered as their hands moved down my neck, over my shoulders and round to massage my waist and belly. Feeling their body behind mine, in total control, was too much. I came, spurting out cum I couldn't see. I slowed my hands, massaging my balls as I finished.

"Thank you, mixtress," I said, not really knowing what they might want from me.

"Whatever, messy slut. Now, be good, and you'll see me in a while," I whimpered with the way they spoke to me, I couldn't get enough of being degraded like this. I heard the 'bing' of Luna's wireless earbuds in my head as they paired with a phone, and then the music started. Quietly, but then turned up loud. They loved noisy music. I'd always found it a little disorienting and too much like static, which I guess made it perfect for drowning out your sub's senses.

I realised I couldn't hear a thing anymore beyond the music. My body snapped into alertness when I felt something over my face, across my blindfold, and saw the last crack of ambient light disappear from underneath the leather. They were wrapping my head in something. The tape. I felt it move around and around as pressure fixed the buds into my ears and the blindfold became a blackout.

My arms were pulled behind my back as Luna tied my wrists together with rope. I was a hot mess, my breathing and this damn music all I had available to me.

Then I felt their hand on my face, finger and thumb squeezing either side of my jaw. Telling me to open up, which I did. The four inch long plastic cock appeared, less than gently, in my mouth and pushed my tongue down out of its way. I'd been so turned on by this gag when I saw it online: a dildo for my mouth and a panel with a ring like you get on a strapon harness for the front, in case you want to attach any toys.

Luna buckled the straps tight behind my head, the tip of the dildo tickling my throat and forcing me to calm my gag reflexes.

Then, nothing. What did they plan to do with me? I knelt there on the floor, shaking, not even knowing if Luna was still watching over me.