The First Time

Chapter 1 of Homebodies, a story by Kite Rose

1639 words

Luna had that big grin on their face as they wiggled my pyjama shorts up my legs, daintily tying off the bow and running their hands round to my hold my bum. They moved in close.

"How're you doing?" they chuckled even as their lips brushed the thick tape covering mine. I huffed out a short breath from my nose, but showed them as best I could with my eyes that I was smiling.

"Mm-hmm", I nodded, trying to communicate just how happy I actually was with the situation they'd helped me into.

"Glad to hear it," they pecked at my cheek before reaching up to drape their arms around my neck. "You sure you want all three?" they asked, referring to the three hours I'd told them I wanted to spend here before they released me. I grunted and nodded again.

They tapped the time control into their phone's clock app. "I guess that's it then! Let me get you started," they murmured as they slipped the blindfold down over my eyes. The next thing I knew, I felt their hands slipping inside my shorts, finding the little button on the side of the plug inside my ass and giving it a couple of presses, finding the rhythm they wanted for me. A low drone of a vibration filled my hole and my tummy, occasionally pulsing harder before dying down again. They patted the base of the plug a couple of times, getting a surprised little squeak from my gagged mouth.

Next, they fiddled with the little control taped to my thigh, wires leading under my shorts. The ring settled tight around my balls and the base of my dick sprang to life and I squealed again, visibly jumping. I heard them laugh a little to themselves.

After a few seconds, I felt their breath against my ear as they whispered, "night night, Cass." I heard the beep of their phone as they pressed the start button on the timer, followed by the click of the light switch. The door closed and I heard them moving into our room and crawling into bed. After a few minutes, I could hear nothing beyond my own breathing and the dancing hum of my toys, jumping around in intensity as they tried their best to tease me.

I was standing in our living room, lashed to our sturdy old bookcase by my arms. They were wrapped behind me around one of the vertical poles of the furniture, wrist to elbow with my forearms strapped together with belts. My legs were unbound, but there wasn't much I could do with the freedom: sitting down was impossible thanks to the shelf below my arms.

Luna had left me dressed in my pyjamas because they thought it was cute to have me bound, gagged and teased in my comfy sleeping clothes, but underneath them a tight rope around my waist and between my legs made sure my plug had nowhere to go and bit into my soft body. My oversized grey t-shirt hung down below the hem of my shorts.

After some time, another sound added itself to the mix as my breathing became something more like panting. I couldn't help the occasional moan from escaping from deep in my throat as I gave in to the sensations the vibrators were sending me. They didn't come out too loud after going through the big foam ball filling my mouth and a couple of layers of thick tape, but I forced myself to concentrate on not making too much noise all the same. My partner had been very clear that if they were going to be waking themselves up in the night to untie me, the least I could do was to let them sleep.

So, I waited, and lost all track of time in my blinded, darkened world. After a while, the vibrators messed up their teasing and accidentally gave me a little too much for too long, bringing me closer and closer to cumming before finally tipping me just over the edge. I shuddered, moaning as my pleasure turned to frustration when the cock ring switched off and served me a ruined orgasm. My body bucked as I strained in vain to get any touch on my twitching dick. As the waves passed over me, I slumped against the bonds holding me against the bookshelves. My legs were shaking as the toys died back down to their jumpy murmurs, my cheeks flushed and my breathing ragged.

I'd never been tied up for this long before. I'd barely ever been tied up before, beyond some much less deliberate, in-the-moment jobs by Luna when one or the other of us were horny enough to come up with the idea during sex. This one, though, I'd been planning. Planning, and summoning the nerve to ask Luna to help me with. Of course they jumped at the opportunity as soon as I did: I was stupid to worry that they might not be up for it.

The initial excitment was wearing off fast, I was soft and I needed something much more direct if I was going to cum again. I settled in just to enjoy the sensations I had, grinding my hips as if that would help me get off, but the ache in my shoulders and pain in my jaw soon dominated my thoughts. More and more, I found myself needing to wriggle my limbs to shake some life into them, and my mind began to wander to absurd places: what if Luna missed their phone alarm? What if somebody broke in? For hours I cycled through panic, discomfort, boredom and arousal.

When Luna's hands landed on my hips, I jumped so hard I nearly pulled the shelf down. They laughed, their voice still a little dulled with sleep. "In your own little world, were you?" Their hands worked under my t-shirt and began to play with my tits. A shaky moan fell out of me. "You look tired. One second, let me ungag you."

They pulled the tape from my face, gently but quickly, and I spat out the stuffing that had been filling my mouth for the past three hours. I felt a straw appear between my lips. "Drink," they said. The cool water was absolute heaven to my dry lips and throat.

"My arms are dying," I breathed, not unhappily.

"I bet," they said, running their bed-warm hands over my shoulders and upper arms, "did you cum?"

"Yeah, just once. They weren't really enough, you know?"

"Aaah, yeah. Well, we can fix that next time, eh?"

"That sounds perfect."

"You know," they said, running their fingers down the crotchrope and finding me wet and getting hard at their touch, "I was thinking about you when I went to bed. And I thought, howcome Cass gets to have all the fun? So now I have my own ideas for you: do you want to know what they are?"

I was a bit shaken. A slight panic came over me, so briefly, until I reminded myself that I trusted Luna not to do anything I didn't want them to. "What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking that I untie your arms, push you to your knees and you make me cum. Then, I strap them up again, put a new gag on you and bring you to bed with me for the rest of the night. That's what I was thinking."

Fuck. There's no way I could even hide how much it turned me on for them to be talking to me like that. I was blushing, I could tell, and their hand was now working smoothly around my hard cock.

"Well? Just say the word and we stop here, love, no problem at all."

"No, I- I would like that very much. Please... use me." I was half embarrassed, half losing my mind with how hot it made me to say that. I was so glad my eyes were still covered.

"Until the morning?"

"Yes, thank you. Please, I mean."

They laughed at my awkwardness as they released the two belts tight around my forearms, easing me forward and away from the bookshelf before shoving me to the ground. I nearly lost my balance, my legs weak after the past few hours and without my sight.

"Don't you dare stretch your arms out. Keep them as they were. I'm watching." I whimpered: my shoulders were burning. "Don't worry, I'll take the temptation away soon," they said as they grabbed my face in their hands and pressed it into their thighs.

"Now, you want to eat me, Cass?"

I just about breathed, "yes, please."

"Yes what, sorry?"

"Yes," I bit my lip as a grin spread across my face, "yes, mixtress."

"Good girl," they sighed, taking handfuls of my hair, pulling me in and smothering me.