Who is Kite Rose, and what can you find here?

Hi, Kite here! Let me take you through what you can expect to find on kiterose.com. I'm a queer writer living in Scotland and I love dirty stories! Hopefully you like mine.

The stories

You can read any of my stories here. I don't sell them on Amazon and while I occasionally post snippets elsewhere around the web, kiterose.com will always be the true home of my writing.

Browse the stories currently live via the "Stories" button in the top toolbar, or by heading to the homepage: click here. There, you'll find a list with some info on each.


Trans characters

I'm trans and nonbinary, and I'm well aware (as I'm sure you are too, if you're here) that the state of porn featuring transgender people and our bodies is pretty woeful. We're often fetishised, reduced to objects of cis sexuality, or erased by authors who don't know how our bodies work or look or feel. My goal is to add something truly positive and that caters to a trans, and more widely queer, audience.

Saying that, I can only write from one angle which covers a small subset of the wider trans experience. I'm always on the lookout for great transgender, nonbinary and otherwise gender non-conforming writers who might be willing to add their work here: if that's you, get in touch via my Twitter: @smuttytrans.


A lot of my work includes a fair bit of kink. Bondage and various BDSM dynamics and activities are very often present. This isn't shameful or inappropriate (whatever that would mean on a site that collects porn), but if it isn't to your taste that's fine. All my stories, and their individual chapters, are tagged with their rough themes and content so you can see before you read.


You'll never read a story on here about nonconsensual sexual activities (or, to use the proper term, rape). Consent isn't explicitly given in every single chapter of every story, and some pieces feature it more prominently than others, but it's always to be taken as an established baseline for everybody involved.

The Override series is probably the closest thing to feeling like a non-consensual story on the site. This is covered at various points in the story's content itself but for the avoidance of doubt I'll recap Override's relationship with consent here. In the fictional setting, people are able to hand over control of their impulses and actions to another (in the story, usually their professional mistress). This is called an "override". The conceit of this is that there is an implied boundary or "subroutine", running always, which effectively runs any commands past a version of the person's mind for approval. If they were ordered to do anything outside their hard limits, they would be able to refuse and even end the entire override. I plan to write at least one chapter in which exactly this happens, for even more clarity.

So, one more time: I don't write rape and I never will.

Language and warnings

As I've mentioned, all stories and chapters are tagged with various themes and content (for example, "Bondage", "Anal", etc). Some tags are special, and are used as a way to flag potentially difficult themes. One example is the use of traditionally "masculine" language to refer to an MtF trans person's penis: I'll always include a warning tag if there's a female character but I use language like "cock" or "dick" for her body. It's sometimes appropriate for the characters and their relationships, but I understand that it's not always what a trans reader might want.